‘Hanging by a Thread’ Exhibition a great success

This year’s exhibition, at Grantchester Village Hall in May, was a great success. From the expertly
made cakes and teas, to a wide variety of well displayed exhibits (some for sale) and a groaning
sales table, the volunteers from the Cambridgeshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers rose to
the challenge in putting on their triennial event.

The plant table of dye plants attracted visitors and dedicated crafters and the Chairman’s
Challenge – a display reflecting the five elements of earth, was well received.

The demonstrations of weaving, peg weaving, inkle loom braiding, Sami band weaving, spinning,
carding, and Tapestry were a great draw and showed our expertise in various disciplines – the
engagement of all visitors was heart-warming – so much so that we attracted new members!
A great thanks to all who were involved and who visited at the weekend and to Fiona who has
provided all the photos.

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