Twining with the Textile Traditions Study Group

Paula writes: On 19th February 2022 the Textile Traditions Study Group met at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology for a session with the basket maker Catherine Tregaskes.  Her absolute passion is making baskets with the twining technique. She brought along a number of examples as the photos illustrate,  of all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes.  Most of the ones on display she made herself,  a few she had acquired.

Catherine explained the ways in which she had achieved a considerable variety of shapes by twining, and how the different materials can produce different results. Catherine is always interesting with so much she wants, and has to share, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

She led us into a mini workshop whereby with plastic straws, and plastic bags we made our own creations,  either flat or in the round as mini baskets.   This was fun and relaxing as Catherine gave lots of help in a friendly chatty atmosphere with lots of buzz. And of course all the activities are with recyclable materials.  Catherine is a good teacher, and we shall look forward to two more events on our guild programme later this year.

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